Hi, I’m Sam Peterson.

Like you I knew something was very wrong.

That small ache in my lower back that occurred after work would just never seem to go away. Worse still, it grew in magnitude and spread to my neck.

Surely a visit to my physician would clear all this up? All I had to do was take a few pain killers and “take it easy” for 4-6 weeks. Weeks, months, and years flew by and my pain just got worse still. X-rays, MRI’s ultrasounds and blood tests all came up clear. Deep down I knew that something wasn’t right, but could never articulate it.

A friend recommended I read some books on curing back pain by Dr John Sarno. Ha – like that would every work! No thanks.

The medicine is confusing, doctors and physicians never seem to understand. I was told it was “all in my head”, but never really knew what people meant by that, how to act on it, and ultimately how to stop it.

I was at my lowest point and facing surgery, a new medication regime, and spiraling down with depression. Bed ridden and fatigued, I reached for “The Divided Mind” by Dr Sarno.

It was at this time that it made sense. It was all in my mind? Since then I have discovered what it truly meant, how to apply it, and ultimately unlearn my pain. My wish is that my experience would help you.

I believe that your pain is real. I believe you can recover.